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  sassi Acrylic Color Powder
  sassi Acrylic Glitter Powder
  sassi Acrylic Pastel Powder

Acrylic Powders (Polymers)

"Makes traditional beauty"

Acrylic nail systems utilizing Sassi powders, liquids and gels have delivered natural looking nails with strength, flexibility and beauty.

Systems based on our materials are self-leveling, adhere well and resist yellowing. We have a powder/liquid recommendation for every technique.

Powder and Liquid systems are the core business for Sassi. 

All polymers are manufactured using high quality raw materials. Our Polymers are designed for all performance levels and offer the best control and product clarity available.

In addition to clear polymers, a range of colored polymers are available. These include several shades of pink, natural, and white.

Highly pigmented polymers, glitter powders, pastel powders, pearl powders are also offered for all nail art needs.

Traditional Set: A-grade copolymer designed for general use, ease of application, longer sculpting time and an efficient cure. It requires less buffing of the finished nail.

Art Colors: These high quality powders are specially shaded for nail art use. Artistry and design are enhanced by the beautiful colors. You can mix and match art shades.

Specialty formulated Sassi monomers are used in combination with these polymers to create the finest nail enhancement products. When used together as a system, Sassi polymers and monomers offer superior results.


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